June 11, 2014

A Year

I can't believe a year has passed since I posted. I love being able to look back at previous posts and pictures.

We now have 3 teens in the house and it can get kind of crazy but it's also very fun.
My last post was right after the Autism Walk last year so here's a picture from this year. 

After 14 years in our home, we thought it was time to start remodeling.  The first project is our master bath. The shower was leaking and gross so we (I mean Dean) ripped the shower and all of the floor tile out and started over. Almost done and we'll move on to the bedroom and rip out that carpet!!  Exciting!!

We have a jam packed summer with kids going all different directions and a couple family "get always" planned. 

And, hopefully, a lot more s'mores over the campfire!!



May 14, 2013

Remembering Tommy

I was looking through pictures from the past few months and I don't want to miss putting this one up. We participated, for the first time, in the Joplin Autism Awareness Walk.  We will be back next year and Team Tommy will be larger!!
Debbie & The Crew

Walk With Me!

Dean and I have been walking in the evenings and the kids may or may not join us...it just depends on what they have going on.  Well, last night Jeffery was the only one who came with us.  It's nice when we get one of them alone....they tend to talk more. 
We've known Jeffery is always looking for the next party but even taking a walk he's looking for an adventure.  We have a route that we walk and he kept wanting to detour...once to go in the woods to check out a "den" and then he wanted us to take a path through the woods just to see where it goes. 
Maybe someday we should follow him....who knows where we'll end up!
Debbie & The Crew